Areas of Our Toddler Environment

At A Peaceful Path Montessori your child benefits from an individualized curriculum which recognizes and respects the unique interests, skills, and personality of every child entrusted to us.

A Peaceful Path Montessori staff lovingly prepares our environment to support the work of your child. Each area facilitates your child’s independence and allows him/her to work with materials which serve his/her unique developmental needs.

Language: Future literacy skills depend on a strong foundation of verbal language built in the toddler years. Your child will enjoy increasing his/her vocabulary through manipulatives, well told stories, literature, songs, poetry and games.

Music: Singing, live instrumentals, playing real instruments, and music appreciation are an integral part of your child’s day at A Peaceful Path Montessori. Music nurtures the spirit, mind and inspires dance, enhances the mathematical mind and, as science has shown, aids brain development.

Grace and Courtesy: An intelligent mind is of no use to humanity if it is not used by one with a well developed sense of morals. Our toddler community provides adult models with loving expectations of respect for the earth and all who dwell on it.

Practical Life: Toddlers are naturally interested in learning about the world around them. The practical life area provides activities which build on the child’s natural interest and help develop good work habits, concentration, eye-hand coordination, a lengthened attention span and control of his/her body. Care of oneself and the environment through real life work opportunities teaches the child to be a steward of his/her environment while developing memory, motor planning skills and increasing independence and self-confidence.

Outdoors: Fresh air, opportunities for gross motor movement, gardening and other outdoor activities are daily events. Tending to our herb garden, feeding the birds or hanging the laundry to dry make our gardens and play area an essential part of the environment. Our outdoor area is a National Wildlife Federation certified wildlife habitat.

Spiritual formation: The Montessori based curriculum, Catechesis of The Good Shepherd, is offered in a modified form for toddlers. Christian holidays are celebrated and daily opportunities for praise through music and prayer are offered. Children of all faiths are warmly welcomed and encouraged to share their own traditions with our community.

Aids to Psycho-Sensory Motor Development: Children are sensorial explorers. Opportunities to discover the world through all senses are always available to your child. Our materials strengthen fine motor skills, encourage love of the world around them, and help connect the mind and body.

Art Expression: Your child will have many opportunities to express him/herself through art. A wide variety of art mediums are available and rotated frequently. The Montessori approach introduces a child to an artistic medium, such as watercolors or clay, and then allows the child to follow inner artist. The process, rather than product, is emphasized.